12x 30W (=150W) Daylight 6400K SAD White Light Bulbs Low Energy CFL BC B22 Lamps


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12x 30W (=150W) Daylight Low Energy CFL Power Saving Spiral Bulbs, 1900 lumen.

Daylight White Light 6400K.

Helps as light therapy for people with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) reducing depression brought on by bright white sunlight deprivation.

 Bayonet Cap (BC) [B22]

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The bulbs are approximate 160mm high by 60mm wide.

Energy saving lamps, also called compact fluorescents lamp (CFL) or low energy bulbs, save energy by using the same technology as a fluorescent tube to generate equivalent light outputs to a conventional tungsten filament bulb but with a significantly lower power requirement. Due to the technology used they also offer huge increases in life expectancy over conventional lamps. The marked wattage of all energy saving lamps is much lower than the equivalent conventional bulb therefore costing less per hour. 

SAD is a type of winter depression which affects up to a million people in the UK every year usually between September and April. One of the most common problems experienced during winter months by SAD sufferers is that of low light levels in the home. Typical household lighting offers a type of light which is yellowish in colour – referred to as Warm White (2700K). Through the introduction of the DAYLIGHT range of lamps, this colour is replaced by a much crisper, whiter light, simulating natural daylight, or 6400 Kelvin (K).

Now available in normal household bases (BC & ES) this range of lamps is also a fantastic choice for areas requiring crisp white light. Typical examples include desk and reading lamps, garages, workshops, art studios, and any main household area for the SAD sufferer. These T2 (i.e. the diameter of the tube is 2/8ths of an inch) range offers a higher and more efficient light output than the older style CFLs. The most startling difference in the T2 lamps is the overall size difference; a more efficient quick start  warm up to full glow, and are more compact, up to 23% smaller.

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‘A’ rated Energy efficient Bulbs

8,000 hours Life Span.

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