1x 11W Low Energy CFL Mini GLS 3500K White Light Bulbs ES E27 Edison Screw Lamps


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1x 11W Low Energy CFL Power Saving Mini GLS Light Bulb

Edison Screw (ES) [E27]

Cool White 3500K

‘A’ rated Energy Efficient Bulbs

10,000 hours lifespan.

Brand New

Bulb dimensions 107mm x 63mm

Energy saving lamps, also called compact fluorescents lamp (CFL) or low energy bulbs, save energy by using the same technology as a fluorescent tube to generate equivalent light outputs to a conventional tungsten filament bulb but with a significantly lower power requirement.

Due to the technology used they also offer huge increases in life expectancy over conventional lamps. Power saving GLS lamps derive their name from the standard tungsten filament bulbs which were also known as General Light Service (GLS) bulbs due to similar appearance, yet they are nothing like the incandescent bulbs apart from their shape; they are low energy CFL housed inside the glass bulb casing for a more pleasing appearance.

The marked wattage of all energy saving lamps is much lower than the equivalent conventional bulb, therefore, costing less per hour.

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