25x Glazed Ceramic Edison Screw ES E27 M10 Heat Light Bulb Lamp Holders Sockets


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25x Glazed Ceramic Edison Screw, E27, ES, Lamp Holder Socket with M10 Threaded Entry
Light Bulb Holder
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E27 Lamp holder is 62mm high by 46mm wide.  Thread at cable entry point is M10 i.e. 10mm. Items are made of ceramic suitable for for high temperature & wattage light bulbs with Edison screw, E27 end fitting.

Ideal for high Wattage or heat lamps and hot temperature locations in catering or industrial situations or in bulkhead luminaires.

These are particularly suitable in applications where high temperatures may be  produced, by high bulb power or by operation in a confined space such as: industrial locations, bulkheads, high power lamps as in factories/warehouses, heat lamps in catering hot food displays and for reptiles in vivariums & tortoise tables, egg incubation cabinets etc. 

Users should ensure that correct items of appropriate voltage & wattage are used and should consult suitable qualified electrical engineer if in doubt. Always switch off power when changing bulbs or doing any form of installation (note disassembling this item requires specific knowledge as otherwise you are likely to break the threaded screw part by use of excessive force and void the guarantee).

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