3x Black Wireless UK Plug-in Mains Socket & Remote Control Energy Saving Switch


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3x Black Wireless UK Plug In Mains Socket With Remote Control

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Includes 3x 3 Pin UK Plug Mains Receivers
 And Remote control 
(remote takes DC 12V battery, included)

The remote control power sockets are ideal for use with a wide variety of TV’s, computers, fans, lights, heaters, coffee machines and much more and is ideal for use on plugs in hard to reach places. Just plug into your wall socket and then plug any electrical device into the wireless receiver, Then you can just press a button on the remote to turn the device on or off saving you money by not having electrical devices going into standby mode.

Leaving an appliance in standby can still consume up to 70% of full power and can shorten the life of the appliance by 15%. These adaptors can be controlled individually by the remote supplied. Ideal for a wide variety of electrical appliances and a great solution for controlling appliances in inaccessible places, or for people with limited mobility. The remote plugs use radio frequencies (RF) you do not need a line of sight to turn of your equipment. The RF signals go through walls so you can even turn on/off equipment in a different room. 

All socket receivers have been pre-synchronised and can be used immediately. It is possible to synchronise multiple sockets to the same remote key or to synch up to 3 remote keys on to a single socket by using the following procedure:

1) Turn the socket on by pressing the yellow learn button (Use a small light to check it is on) 

2) Press and hold the yellow learn button until the socket turns off 

3) Press the desired “ON” key on the remote. 

4) The socket should now be synchronised with the desired “ON” key on the remote. 

Un-synchronise socket from remote key is also possible. To un-synchronise, unplug the socket from the main. Press and hold yellow learn button on the side of the socket while plug socket in, keep learning button pressed for 5 seconds and the socket should be un-synchronised from all keys.

On/Off indicator light
Reduces fire risk and protects your appliances
Remote control operates up to 30m range
Reduces carbon footprint
Can be used with most domestic appliances
Thermal cutout safety device
Voltage: 240Vac, 50Hz
Max. load: 2400W
Max. current: 10A
Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz
Remote battery: 12V, A23
Socket dimensions: 112 x 58 x 65mm
Remote dimensions: 81 x 35 x 15mm
Standby Power: 1.0W

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