40x CES E12 Candelabra To Small Screw E14 SES Bulb Adaptor Converter Holder


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40x Candelabra Edison Screw (CES ) [E12] To Small Edison Screw (SES) [E14] Light Bulb Adaptor

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This adapter allows you to use a Small Edison Screw Light Bulb in a CES Lamp Socket.

    Candelabra Edison Screw (CES) [E12] male to Small Edison Screw (SES) [E14] Female

12mm CES to 14mm Small Screw 

Adaptor Dimensions: E12 to E27 adaptor is 31mm high by 17mm wide


Users should ensure that correct items of appropriate voltage & wattage are used and should consult suitable qualified electrical engineer if unsure. We sell items on many international sites and supply over the world, so it is for the buyer to ensure that the legislation requirements of their locality are met with the products they desire to purchase. The regulations vary from country to country. As it is possible to view this item on a particular country’s site but purchase from another country, or buyer to take it with them on their international travels, we are unable to give definitive guidelines for every locality.


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