4x Gas Hob Protector Liner Reusable NonStick Silicone Dishwasher Safe – Silver


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4x Gas Hob Protector Liners Silver

Reusable Non-Stick & Dishwasher Safe

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This Gas Hob liner is approximately 27cm x 27cm (10.5″) – supplied in packs of 4.

Cooking with gas is great – the downside  is cleaning the hobs afterwards! Cleaning burnt on fat and grease is such an  unpleasant task – it doesn’t have to be anymore!

How it works – first, the use of silicone means it does not get as hot as the metal, or melt like plastic. Secondly, silicones (not to be confused with the metalloid chemical element Silicon used in computer chips etc.) are inert polymers that include silicon together with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and sometimes other elements. These synthetic compounds are heat-resistant and rubber-like and have a variety of uses from sealants, adhesives, lubricants, medical applications (e.g., breast implants), and recently in cookware like oven baking trays.

Easy to fit – just slip the sheet onto the front of the hob under the burner as illustrated, making sure you cut sufficiently around the flame outlet so they are not in direct contact. This size of 270mm fits virtually all gas hobs. It is non-stick and can easily be removed when cleaning.

Withstands temperatures up to 260°C, and is designed to prevent hot liquids from the cooking pot or frying pan marking your gas hob as the spills will fall on this cover sheet which can be removed later and washed in the sink or dishwasher. This is less time consuming than removing hardened baked on stains from the metal hob itself. Wash the sheets in hot soapy water, or in dishwasher – fully re-usable.

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