Fritz Chess 11, Beginner to Chessmaster, 3D Boards PC Game, Tutor Training NEW


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Fritz Chess 11, Beginner to Chessmaster, PC Game, New & Sealed

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For Windows XP, VISTA, 7

New dramatically improved chess engine (about 80 Elo points stronger)

Upgraded database with over one million games – from 1625 to 2007

Improved openings book

New training function to practice the calculation of variations

New section on the chess server with tactical puzzle solving competitions

“The Magic Eye” which scans the 3D board making the search visible for the user

For many years now Fritz Chess has fascinated the chess world, beating World Champion Vladimir Kramnik 4-2 in Bonn Germany in 2006. Millions of fans follow these amazing duels between man and machine that produces world class games.

However the beauty of Fritz is that it can be used at beginners’ level or to help you hold your own against a Grandmaster! It explains moves and positions using its sophisticated and numerous coaching functions and it will adjust its playing strength to exactly match the opponent. There are training modules and amusing handicap levels and Fritz is used by club and tournament players in the study of their games. Another feature of Fritz is the Chess Media System, bringing the world’s greatest chess players into your living room. You can benefit from instruction from famous chess teachers in subjects such as opening traps, middlegame strategy and endgame skills. There are many hours of full high-resolution video and sound. Also included is 30 days free subscription to, a one-click connection to the largest chess community in the world.


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