Mini UV Pocket Size Blacklight Counterfeit Bank Note Fake Money Forgery Detector


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Mini Handheld UV Blacklight,  Counterfeit Bank Note Detector
Includes 4W 2 Pin T5 fitting 4W
UV Blacklight tube
Battery operated (4xAA batteries, not included)

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The bank note checker is approximately 160mm x  23mm x 55mm

A compact, pocket sized black light tube with a  built-in torch. Ideal for checking bank notes, stamps and identification  documents.

This mini  handheld black light bank note checker emits an UV light and are intended for use in counterfeit note detectors.

The UV light is  for authentication, e.g. security markings on currency & credit cards, certificates of authenticity on software packaging, as well as special inks used by security marking pens; non-destructive testing of materials and reading of otherwise illegible papyri and ancient manuscripts; analysing minerals and gems, and other detective work including authentication of various collectibles – materials may look the same under visible light, but fluoresce to different degrees under ultraviolet light. 

In forensics black lights are required to observe fluorescence of substances and are used as an investigative tool at crime scene to locate and identifying body fluids and changes brought on by decomposition. 

Power supply 6V (4 x AA)
Replacement lamp 106.038
Wavelength 300nm – 400nm
Dimensions 55 x 23 x 160mm
Weight 92g

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